Ruth has been treating me for a number of weeks for both physical and emotional issues, including knee pain, sore achilles and high levels of stress. 

I can highly recommend her, I am definitely getting a better balance in my life.

Ruth is both professional and friendly, so I felt very safe in her hands.

Tracey M

Ruth treated me. I had a bad back pain, Ruth did some reflexology on my feet. It worked and, as if by miracle, my back pain went away. I thoroughly recommend Ruth and her work.

Trevor L

I was sceptical at first. My knee pain has been on-going for several years following a motor bike accident. I have tried everything and as a last resort came to Ruth for reflexology. Much to my amazement the pain dissipated after a few treatments and has not returned.  I was also suprised at how much my energy levels increased. 

Nicholas C

liked the fact that Ruth was mobile, professional, kind and passionate about her work.

The experience for the residents was 1:1 private treatment. Bringing comfort, kindness and improvement to general well-being. They looked forward to seeing Ruth.  It gave them purpose and contentment.  

Ms. Danni Novell,

Manager of Hambrook Meadows Care Home

I received 7 reflexology treatments from Ruth.  I was amazed at how powerful the treatments were in terms of energetic movement and release within the body and how strongly my Brow and Crown chakras were stimulated by the pressing of specific points.


Ruth was always very focused on her work and observant of my reactions to points she was working on. She patiently answered my many questions on what point she was pressing and the possible effect of doing so and very receptive to my explanations of the effects on my body and emotions. I have only ever received a Reflexology treatment once a long time ago and it felt simply like a relaxation massage instead of the deeply therapeutic treatments I received from Ruth.


I have had a lot going on in life the last 6 months and I found that Ruth’s treatments over an 8 week period strongly grounded me and also balanced my energy meridians and chakras. I realised that I rarely experience the deeply healing relaxation that I felt at the end of each of Ruth’s sessions and how also how good it felt. As an energy healer myself this was an eye opener, not realising how tense I was so much of the time. Note to self. Take better care of the carer!

Ms. Annabel Smith, Shiatsu Therapist

I liked knowing my body is getting good treatment to aid my general well-being.

I felt good after each treatment, all positive with no negative after effects

Nettie C 

It was clear Ruth was passionate about her work and that her training was specialised.

I was amazed, from the beginning of the treatment her gift was evident, her method remarkable.  The relaxation grounding technique was incredible. The treatment wonderful. 

My treatment plan was personalised, and Ruth had explained what to expect, a healing crisis and that things may get worse before they get better.

The experience varied from relaxation to feeling highly emotional and tearful, Ruth talked me through these feelings and reassured me, advising me when needed, the process lasted over a six week period.

When I came to the last treatment I felt slight grief.  I had come to look forward the treatments on a weekly basis and seeing Ruth.  My physical symptoms improved not only the ones we had discussed but also the ones I had learnt to live with because they have been there so long.  Mentally my outlook has changed and I felt encouraged to take care of myself.  These treatments were truly holistic and healing. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Ruth, her expertise, the treatments and the experience.

Danielle N

I had four sessions with Ruth.  I certainly felt more relaxed and content after a session.  The following day I always seem better in terms of overall body feeling.

After the treatments finished, I decided to take a break from work for a few weeks to de-stress.  This is not something I would have contemplated before

Gerard C

Like many busy working mothers, I get stressed and from hours of strap-hanging and lugging around my laptop and last-minute, on the way home from work, bags of shopping I tend to get a very stiff neck.  Ruth treated my neck and, indeed, my whole tired body.  She’s very professional and personable asking questions in a gentle and clear way to help her understand the best customised treatment.  The first part of the treatment was tackling some very specific pain points and the second part a complete relaxation (I’m sure I was snoring).  I also managed to claim this treatment through my company health insurance.  I’m looking forward to Ruth continuing to treat me and my ailments.


   [Elaine, age 50, London]

Ruth treated my daughters age 11 and 8.  I was keen to let them try reflexology and, indeed, it was covered by our health insurance.  They both really enjoyed the experience chatting away happily about school and other activities.  Ruth was very professional but fun with the children and they’re both happy to have further treatments.  Ruth can work on various issues from bed-wetting to anxiety.  I’d recommend Ruth as a therapist and so would my daughters

E. Mullan

All photographs copyright of Ruth f Collins


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